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Ursulas Äventyr (Ursula's Adventures) started in 1994

our base camp is Norraryds Camping in Småland.

Our policy has from the beginning been to offer a wide range of activities and to make it easier for tourists, local residents and businesses to find their way in the wildernes.

Our excursions organized on nature's terms with the guidance of experienced, well-prepared leaders who are concerned both about the customers and nature.

 I and the entire staff practice what we preach:

We have gone through many courses in mountain safety, rock climbing and speleology around the world.    Participated in many exciting excursions and expeditions both in the underworld and high above the ground. I have explored the world's third deepest cave and the last year I climbed a couple of peaks in the Himalayas, of which the highest was the Island Peak, 6189 meters above sea level.


 In 2013 I bought a cozy and close to nature camping, Norraryd's camping. Everyone is welcome who love nature. You can enjoy the view and relax, or join one of our excursions.

With us you can be yourself!


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